Heading into the new year, the importance of food and beverage offerings in the hospitality industry is more significant than ever. Demanding consumers continue to expect innovative offerings and fluid choice to match each individual taste and preference. Although it can be difficult to track trends across a variety of distinct levels of service spread throughout the hospitality sector, there are a few consistent trends that are dictating the focus of hotels moving forward. With an emphasis on appealing to millennials and their spending power, hotels are concentrating their efforts on these five Food and Beverage elements:


 With an increased focus on clean living penetrating a variety of industries, the hotel and lodging sector is not being left behind. Restaurant and food service offerings reflect this growing need to offer healthier menu items. The farm to table trend that is popular throughout the urban dining landscape is now being brought into hotels looking to provide a curated eating experience. High-end properties are rolling out guestroom water and air purification systems to deliver a relaxing and wellness-focused experience for guests


Immersion is the latest buzzword in the industry as a whole, not just how it relates to F&B offerings. Guests want to feel connected to the local area and its people and cultures. Industry leaders are recognizing this demand and offering opportunities for guests to interact with the vibe and people of the local area. Everything from local food vendors brought onsite, food trucks, special cultural events, and more are on the table. By making it easier for guests to connect with the local culture, hotels will continue to attract those millenials that place a high value on immersion. 


Tied into the concept of immersion is the importance for hotel leaders to promote the attributes of their locality. Industry executives are placing an emphasis on the hotel becoming a one-stop-shop for curated travel experiences. These experiences are no longer relegated to all-inclusive resorts offerings excursions off property. In an attempt to attract the discerning traveler, many levels of hotels are jumping into this market of offering local activities to their guests. 


Gone are the days of the bagel and fruit bowl breakfast station. Increasing competition is forcing hotels at every level to elevate their breakfast options. Regardless of if it is a complimentary breakfast or a paid experience, the need to show guests something different exists. Many of the most upscale properties are partnering with local food vendors to elevate F&B offerings from the ordinary to the extraordinary. These partnerships are executed in an effort to impress guests and to attract foot traffic from those not staying at the property. 


The latest trend in lobby design is to engineer a space that can serve a number of purposes. These adaptable spaces serve as the gathering spot for guests of the hotel. In the morning, the space can be used to serve breakfast while in the afternoon, the area becomes a place for business travelers to find a comfortable place to work. In the evening, the versatile space has the ability to transform into a place serving cocktails and small bites to its guests.

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